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We have a full suite of cloud services tailor-made across a wide range of industry sector including Government, SME’s, Education and commercial businesses.

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Why move to the Cloud?

Edge Cloud can help you understand tons of benefits of migrating existing legacy environment to the cloud.
Businesses need access to fast and reliable data storage and computing services that are secure and cost-effective.

Cost Effective

Establishing and running a data centre is expensive.

You need to purchase the right equipment and hire technicians to install and manage the centre. When you shift to cloud computing, you will only pay for the services procured.


The traditional way of planning for unexpected growth is to purchase

And keep additional servers, storage, and licenses. It may take years before you actually use the reserve resources. Scaling cloud computing services is easy. You can get additional storage space or features whenever you need them. We will simply upgrade your package within minutes for as long as you meet the additional cost.


One of the major benefits of cloud computing is mobility.

The service gives you and your employees the flexibility to work from any location. Employees can complete their tasks at home or from the field. Cloud computing also enables you to monitor the operations in your business effectively.

Data security

Sometimes storing data on the cloud is safer than storing it on physical servers and data centres.

A breach of security at your premises can lead compromised data security if laptops or computers are stolen. If you have data on the cloud, you can delete any confidential information remotely or move it to a different account. We have top of the line security equipment’s that protect our cloud platforms. Hence, you are assured of data security.

Disaster Recovery

Hosting systems and storing documents on the cloud

Provides a smart safeguard in case of an emergency. Man-made and natural disasters can damage equipment, shut off power and incapacitate critical IT functions. Supporting disaster recovery efforts is one of the important advantages of cloud computing for companies.

Promotes collaboration

Cloud-based workflow and file-sharing applications

give dispersed teams of people the ability to work together more easily and efficiently. Staff can make real-time updates, see what other team members are doing and communicate effectively. This level of collaboration can speed up projects and improve customer service.

Why choose Edge Cloud Solutions?

Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) hosting services are market leading and gives you the
simplicity, flexibility and control so you can innovate, adapt, and grow quickly in the cloud.

Locally hosted

Our cloud solutions operates from a Philippine based data centre.

High level of redundancy

If there’s a service outage, we’ll make sure it’s business as usual.

Fast and dual internet connection

Servers will always stay connected to the internet.

Utility based pricing

Pay accordingly to the resources used.

Local support

Our friendly IT & cloud experts are always available to take your call.

Advanced features and functionality

We have an online self service portal for your compute needs.

Our Technologies

Our experts supports all well known brands in the IT Industry.