Managed Services

Provide a platform for our clients to selectively outsource operational and
management responsibilities of their own IT infrastructure

Managed IT Services

We all know that your network, servers and IT systems are the lifeblood of your business but with the rate that technology continues to evolve, it’s becoming more and more challenging to your systems in peak condition. Here at Edge Cloud, we understand that you need to focus on growing your business, not worrying about whether your IT systems work as they should.

That’s why Edge Cloud’s offers Managed IT services to provide a platform for our clients to selectively outsource operational and management responsibilities of their own IT infrastructures. Leveraging a pool of skilled and certified local technical team allows our clients to focus on more productive and value-added services within their business. The service greatly reduces the operational overheads associated with hiring and maintaining in-house IT experts.

Edge Cloud’s Managed IT services provides the following expertise:



Many companies say they offer 24/7 support, but few really mean it. While our help desk is open from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, after hours support is always available.


Your infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by one of the best monitoring platforms. You can rest easy knowing we are taking a proactive role in your IT management and support.

Unlimited Remote Support

Edge Cloud Managed IT Support agreements provide unlimited remote and phone support. This includes most day to day support tasks as well as services such as IT consultations and user trainings.

Guaranteed Response Time

Our agreements give you guaranteed response times on call back, investigation and resolution. All of this is presented in a monthly report. Complete transparency is what you deserve and what we provide.


Maintenance is performed on a regular basis and automation is key. When a server hard drive is running low on space, for example, our automation procedures will attempt to fix the issue before the event is even raised to our support desk. We build smarter systems on our end to ensure you have smoother systems on your end.


We deal with your ISP’s, system applications and hardware vendors, so you don’t have to deal with complicated and technical conversations with them.