Platform as a Service

We have a full suite of cloud services tailor-made across a wide range of industry
sector including Government, SME’s, Education and commercial businesses.

Edge Cloud’s Platform as a Services is powered by Jelastic, the fastest and easiest platform for web app hosting. It’s never been so easy to create, deploy and scale your Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, Python, Go environments, custom Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters, VPS, SSH/SFTP access and functionality for user collaboration.
The platform provides a unique process of automatic scaling with payment based on real consumption, not on server size.
The Marketplace is a library of the most popular and requested apps with 50+ applications, including WordPress, Minecraft, cPanel, ownCloud and more.

Automatic Vertical Scaling

EDGE CLOUD dynamically modifies the amount of resources allocated to the servers (RAM and CPU) according to current demand, without any manual intervention. This feature ensures that you never overpay for unused resources and saves you time by eliminating the need to manage load adjustments or architectural changes.

Automatic Horizontal Scaling

In addition to the integrated automatic vertical scaling to which you have access, EDGE CLOUD also allows you to automatically resize your projects horizontally, by changing the number of web / application server nodes in your environment. Thus, all newly added nodes are created on different hardware servers, ensuring even more reliability and high availability.

Automatic Scaling On-Demand

Enjoy ALL the Stacks in One Platform

Automated cloud hosting platform with support for all popular stacks.

Easy Deployment

Create your servers with applications ready in minutes. Over 100 high performance software,
applications & clusters to choose from the marketplace and ready to deploy anytime, anywhere.

Auto-Scalable Clustered Solutions in One Click

High-Performing WordPress
and Magento Cluster

Scalable Kubernetes Cluster
for Cloud-Native Applications

Pre-Configured Replication
of SQL and NoSQL Databases

Clustering and Load Balancing
for Custom Applications

Cloudlet Pricing

Total Cost per-cloudlet based on 730 hours usage. You do not pay for unused resources.

0.1087 PHP per hour per
dynamic cloudlet

Up to 60% discount for
reserved cloudlets

14 days of
free trial


Cloudlets vs AWS

AWS makes you pay for the entire tier even if you are not using it. With cloudlets you can set a low reserved cloudlet amount and make the rest dynamic, meaning you are only paying for those dynamic cloudlets when they are in use.
Amazon InstancesAmazon Price
PHP per month
equialent, by
PHP per month
Amazon vs EDGE CLOUD,
t2 micro - 1 GiB, 1 vCPU787.8981.28571.4337.88%
t2 small - 2 GiB, 1 vCPU1,110.71152.4952.3816.62%
m3.medium - 3.75 GiB, 1 vCPU2,788.19304.81,785.7156.14%
c3.large, c4.large - 3.75 GiB, 2 vCPU2,799.60304.81,785.7156.78%
m3.large - 7.5 GiB, 2 vCPU5,576.39609.63,333.3367.29%
c3.xlarge, c4.xlarge - 7.5 GiB, 4 vCPU6,064.75609.63,333.3381.94%
m3.xlarge - 15 GiB, 4 vCPU11,152.7812019.26,190.4880.16%
c3.2xlarge, c4.2xlarge - 15 GiB, 8 vCPU11,628.5112019.26,190.4887.85%
c4.4xlarge, c3.4xlarge - 30 GiB, 16 vCPU22,791.4724038.411,428.5799.43%