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Client Referral

Become an Edge Cloud Referral Partner

The Edge Cloud Referral Program provides our partners with a simple, straightforward and profitable way to refer any cloud opportunities across our full managed cloud solutions. Whether you are an IT consultant, web developer, company or any individual that wants to earn commissions by referring Edge Cloud’s solutions & services to your customers and prospects. Referral partners receive immediate commissions and/ rewards for their referrals which is subject to the Partner Terms and Conditions.
Join our referral program as easy and transparent as possible for us to earn more business together. it is very simple; you are rewarded for referring leads. Partners refer leads or customers to us and we will be the one presenting and helping them understand our solutions and services. Our dedicated sales and support teams are here to assist you with your queries, grow and enhance our respective businesses for a rewarding and profitable relationship.

Program Benefits

  • Immediate commissions and/ or rewards to our partners for their referrals
  • Edge Cloud direct support for you and your customers
  • Designated partner account manager

Program Requirements

  • Complete Edge Cloud on-boarding process
  • Sign Partner Terms and conditions

Become an Edge Cloud Partner